Approaching Monkeyland the world’s first free-roaming, multi-species Primate Sanctuary, you are filled with excitement as you hear the various primates chattering away. If you are lucky, you will hear the Howlers do their daily call or the Gibbons serenade nature or the Black and White Ruffed lemurs doing a location call through the sanctuary.  Monkeyland is a forever home to ex-captive primates from closed down zoo’s, parks, or even ex-pets. Over 550 apes, monkeys and lemurs live at Monkeyland. On a visit to Monkeyland one of the most experienced primate guides in South Africa will take you on a 1 hour guided tour through the forest.  During the tour the guides will point out the array of primates living out their natural lives in the 12-ha indigenous forest and regal you with stories about them as well as some fun facts. You will be given ample time to take photos and ask question.