Marcia Holm is a dynamic professional whose expertise spans across both the tourism and gourmet food industries. Marcia is here to put some real spice into your life.
With a robust portfolio of contract work for various tour operators, Marcia is a seasoned presence at prestigious international travel shows such as ITB and WTM. Her role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, ensuring that the tour operators’ needs are met with precision and excellence. Her engagement with five different clients for WTM showcases her ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, each requiring tailored strategies and meticulous attention to detail. Back home, Marcia’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through her involvement in the family business, Little Red Devil Chilli Products. Here, she takes charge of promoting their unique offerings at local shows and fairs, organizing tastings that allow customers to experience the exceptional flavours of their chilli products. This dual role not only highlights her versatility but also her deep-rooted passion for marketing. By interacting with both locals and visitors at these events, Marcia effectively bridges the gap between her community and the wider world, championing the Skal products that enhance the visitor experience in her area. Marketing is more than a profession for Marcia; it’s a vital part of who she is. She lives and breathes the art of connecting people with products and experiences that enrich their lives. Her dedication to her craft is evident in every interaction, making her a valuable asset in any endeavour she undertakes. Whether promoting global travel experiences or the fiery delights of Little Red Devil Chilli Products, Marcia’s enthusiasm and expertise leave a lasting impression.