Anything fresher is still growing...this is something very important for Jaco - offering the freshest fruits and vegetables possible.
Jaco Pieterse is the innovative mind behind Pick-A-Veg, the premier destination for the freshest fruits and vegetables on the Garden Route. His commitment to quality and convenience is evident as Pick-A-Veg not only offers top-notch produce but also provides delivery services to guest houses, hotels, and other establishments, ensuring that fresh, local produce is always within reach. Jaco’s vision extends beyond just providing fresh produce; he has also established Granny Di’s and the Health Bar at Hart & Bosch Village. This initiative exemplifies his forward-thinking approach, making healthy eating accessible and convenient by offering a variety of nutritious options in a take-away format. By bridging the gap between farm-fresh produce and easy, healthy meals, Jaco Pieterse is transforming the way people approach their diets, promoting wellness and sustainability in the community. Through Pick-A-Veg and its associated ventures, Jaco is revolutionizing the local food landscape, demonstrating his dedication to enhancing both the availability and enjoyment of fresh, healthy food. His entrepreneurial spirit and innovative strategies are setting new standards in the industry, making him a key figure in promoting a healthier lifestyle along the Garden Route.