Member Anthony Rosenbaum’s concept is to share a unique experience with his clients, exploring some incredible places, “walking” without pressure and stress and having fun. Anthony says it is not a hiking tour it is a walking experience that everyone can enjoy. Did you know Anthony summited Mount Kilimanjaro in 2000! Wow.
Anthony was born and educated in the Eastern Cape. His passion for hiking and the outdoors started from his high school days. Anthony has travelled extensively around Southern Africa and around the world as has also hiked in Taiwan and Japan. In January 2000 Anthony summited Mount Kilimanjaro. After selling his electronic technology import and distribution business at the beginning of 2020, his vision of one-day starting a bespoke walking experience business was fast-tracked by the unexpected sale and instead of retiring started Wide Open Spaces. The Covid pandemic provided Anthony with an ideal opportunity to study and over the next 16 months he studied and qualified as an accredited CATHSSETA Advanced Guide and Tour Operator. Anthony has also completed a FGHASA approved “Spirit of the Wild” Intuitive Wildlife Guiding course in the Great Karoo at the Bergplaas Nature Reserve which is owned and funded by Princess Irene of the Netherlands. Anthony started his business WO Spaces in January 2022 and has hosted a number of multi-day and 1-day walking experience tours in the Great Karoo and the Outeniqua and Garden Route regions, where he has established some unique walking tours. Over the many years that Anthony has been hiking he has found many places, off-the-beaten track, which he has included in his walking experience tour packages, that he offers. Anthony’s vision is to promote the importance of living a healthy lifestyle by walking in nature as well as to educate both the youth and adults about the critical role that nature plays in each of our daily lives. One of Anthony’s goals with respect to Wide Open Spaces is the development of an edu-tourism program to assist his clients as well as general learners to learn more about the natural environment, while participating on one of his walking experiences