Vijver Jonck is a seasoned social media manager and digital marketing expert, currently overseeing the online presence for SAASA's renowned wildlife sanctuaries. Vijver can help you get the best out of your social media presence.
Her journey into social media began in 2004 at Tranquility Lodge in Natures Valley, where she utilized platforms like MySpace and Facebook to market the award-winning honeymoon destination. This initial foray into digital marketing led her to become a key member of the lodge’s marketing team, representing them at prestigious events such as the South Africa Travel Indaba. In 2012, Vijver joined the South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance (SAASA) in the marketing department, where she took charge of their social media initiatives. Her expertise has been instrumental in significantly enhancing brand sentiment and engagement, including a 50% improvement for Tsitsikamma Tourism Association and doubling the brand awareness for Skål Garden Route. Vijver’s adeptness with technology and her deep passion for social media dynamics are evident in her management of multiple platforms: 9 Facebook pages, 8 Instagram profiles, 4 TikTok accounts, along with numerous Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube, and Threads accounts. Her approach to destination marketing is characterized by her storytelling ability, where she not only shares compelling narratives but also provides detailed insights that resonate with her audience. Her holistic strategic thinking, creative flair, and effective communication skills ensure that each post aligns with the brand’s vision and connects meaningfully with the audience. Vijver’s creativity is key to standing out in the digital landscape, where she crafts engaging content and visually appealing posts that capture attention and evoke emotions. Her ability to balance creativity with analytics allows her to adapt to market shifts and capitalize on opportunities. Vijver’s love for photography and cooking further enriches her content creation. She delights in capturing heartfelt portraits and exploring new recipes, recently diving into the Skål International Cook Book. Her culinary adventures offer a sensory holiday experience that she passionately shares with her audience, blending random ingredients into perfect culinary masterpieces. With two decades of experience, Vijver Jonck remains at the forefront of digital marketing, continuously seeking out the latest trends and integrating them into her strategies, ensuring innovative and effective social media management for SAASA’s wildlife sanctuaries. Vijver can help you get the best out of your Social Media.