World Skål Day – Skål toast

Fellow Skålleagues,

COVID-19 has hit everyone hard in ways none of us have ever imagined or dealt with. Self-isolation, quarantines and physical distancing have changed our routines, our outlook on the future and the meaning of life.

Several members suggested we do something unique to help bring us together, keep friendship top of mind and demonstrate solidarity in Skål International around the world, as we struggle to cope with changes to our lives.

We know some of you, Eric Etienne at Skål International UK, John Dugan in Skål International Halifax and Dave Ryan at Skål International USA to name a few, are planning events to commemorate World Skål Day.

We, at Skål International, thought it would be an awesome idea to have as many Skålleagues as possible from around the world, offer each other the Skål Toast on April 28, to celebrate World Skål Day.

In this time of physical distancing and staying at home, we would like each member to upload a short video of themselves reciting the Skål toast in your own language on April 28!

Don’t forget to wish your fellow Skålleagues a Happy World Skål Day too!

We ask you to please post to your own social media pages, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn and add the hashtag #worldskalday (an example video to post on social media below). Please also make sure that your privacy settings are set to ‘public’ so the world can see!

· Skål toast from Bill Rheaume

· Skål toast from Fiona Nicholl

Please join us in making April 28, 2020 something to remember besides COVID-19!

Whatever events or functions you decide on, we wish you…

Happiness, Good Health, Friendship and Long Life!

Happy World Skål Day!

Bill Rheaume

Junior Vice President

Fiona Nicholl


Skål International | Avda. Palma de Mallorca 15, Torremolinos, Malaga, 29620 Spain
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