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Skål International Garden Route Caps off a Successful Year with Festive Year-End Party

Members of Skål International Garden Route gathered at the picturesque Sirocco on Thesen Island in Knysna for their Annual General Meeting (AGM) and year-end function. The day commenced with a focused discussion during the AGM, where financial achievements were celebrated, and new rates for 2024 were unanimously accepted.

Secretary Rene Stoltz shared captivating insights from her visit to the 82nd Skål World Congress, providing a global perspective to the local chapter. President Andrew Rogers then took the stage to announce the incoming committee for 2024, a team poised to continue the club’s success.

President Andrew Rogers will continue his leadership for a second consecutive year, and Rene Stoltz, doubling as Vice-President, will extend her role as Secretary. The committee will see familiar faces with Vijver Jonck leading Social Media and Online Presence, Louise Nel overseeing Fundraising, and Pam Snyman contributing to Members Development for a second term.

Notable changes include Jean Joubert transitioning from Treasurer to Auditor, while Nickie Geyer steps into the role of Treasurer. Denise Lindley, committing to another year on the committee, will continue to play a vital role in fostering growth and excellence within the Skål  community.

Following the Annual General Meeting (AGM), members of Skål International Garden Route, along with guests and friends, gathered for a delightful year-end party at the enchanting Sirocco on Thesen Island in Knysna. The evening unfolded with a culinary extravaganza as Sirocco treated attendees to an exquisite spread featuring Oysters, Carpaccio, Steak, and more. The delectable meal was complemented by the warm camaraderie of the Skål community.

President Andrew Rogers added a touch of nostalgia as he read out his President’s Letter, highlighting the club’s notable achievements throughout the year. Among these accomplishments was the acknowledgment of Skål International Garden Route as the Club of the Year, a prestigious honour received at the Skål Gala in Cape Town during WTM Africa earlier in the year.

To add to the festivities Andrew inducted two new members to the Skål International Garden Route club and handed them their certificates.  So a very warm welcome to Sandi Lynn Scholtz and Anthony Rosenbaum we look forward to many years of joyous networking with you. 

The day took a momentous turn as President Andrew Rogers shared news of Skål’s success on the global stage. Secretary Rene Stoltz elaborated on receiving the Sustainable Tourism Award for Major Tourist Attraction, awarded to SAASA – The Hidden Forest Wildlife Sanctuary. Rene then presented the award to the Marketing Manager, Lara Mostert, who would be taking it to their KwaZulu-Natal sanctuary.

Recognizing the outstanding contributions within the club, President Andrew Rogers presented the President’s Award for Skåleague of the Year to Vijver Jonck. Her dedication and hard work on the club’s Social Media earned her the accolade, sparking applause and appreciation from the gathered members.

The festivities continued with the much-anticipated Secret Santa gift exchange, filling the room with excitement and joy as each gift was unveiled. President Andrew Rogers concluded the event with heartfelt well wishes for a successful season, a joyous time with friends and family, and a Merry Christmas. As the day came to a close, attendees left with a sense of fulfilment, eagerly anticipating the adventures and achievements that await Skål  International Garden Route in 2024