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Member Anthony Rosenbaum’s concept is to share a unique experience with his clients, exploring some incredible places, “walking” without pressure and stress and having fun. Anthony says it is not a hiking tour it is a walking experience that everyone can enjoy. Did you know Anthony summited Mount Kilimanjaro in 2000! Wow.
Member René Stoltz’s talent is finding yours. René is here to strengthen your workforce with her competency-based strategic staffing solutions at Vogue Personnel. Let René find you the perfect candidate time and time again. As your company grow Rene will find all the people you need to have the perfect team.
Member Michelle Hammond has over 42 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. Having grown up in England, she is well versed on the European standards of every aspect of Leisure Travel. As the Director of VIP Golf and Accommodation she ensures that clients get the best possible experience when visiting South Africa for a Golfing Experience.
Member Sonya Burger is the proud owner and operator of Views over Wilderness. Sonya has an absolute passion for South Africa that is intoxicating. Sonya uses her passion not only to promote tourism in our area but also to help those who need a hand up to get their products and talents noticed.
Member Natasha Marneweck is the proud owner and operator of Tube ‘n Axe & Mali Boutique accommodation. They offer the areas widest range of comfortable and affordable accommodation options in the Tsitsikamma area. From Luxury Lodge rooms to glamping tents, dormitory rooms and even truck camping sites they have every option.