Pick-A-Veg's Monster Munch Challenge: A Feast of Fun and Flavor in Mossel Bay

Over the weekend, Skal International Garden Route member Jaco Pieters, the proud owner of Pick-A-Veg, hosted an exhilarating event at Granny Di’s in Mossel Bay. Named in honor of Jaco’s mother, Granny Di’s is a treasure trove of fresh produce, pickled delights, ready-made salads, fresh cheeses, and more. Amidst the vibrant atmosphere, attendees not only reveled in the variety of offerings at Jaco’s store but also took part in the legendary Monster Munch Challenge.

The Monster Munch Challenge, a gastronomic spectacle, dared participants to devour a massive 1kg burger, 200g of chips, and a 500ml milkshake within a challenging 30-minute time frame. The stakes were high, with the promise of a free meal, plus an additional R200 cash prize for those who successfully conquered the monstrous feast.

Participants raved about the handcrafted 1kg burger, featuring a succulent patty, soft bun, perfectly cooked eggs, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and grilled onions. Accompanying the burger were irresistibly delicious chips, maintaining the ideal balance of soft interiors and crispy exteriors. The pink-hued milkshake, neither too sweet nor overpowering, completed the perfect meal.

Phillip Sansom’s Lightning Victory: In a jaw-dropping display of gastronomic skill, Phillip Sansom emerged as the undisputed champion of the challenge. With a clock-stopping time of under 7 minutes and 46 seconds, Sansom devoured the colossal meal with an efficiency that left onlookers in awe. His technique, seemingly a blend of strategic planning and unwavering determination, showcased a mastery of the art of competitive eating.

Freek Jonck’s Dramatic Sprint: Securing the second position, Freek Jonck engaged in a dramatic sprint towards the finish line. While initially keeping pace with Sansom, Jonck faced a moment of truth when everything but the bun and milkshake was left, as he  tackled the last sips of the milkshake the clock went over the 20 minute line.  At the 20-minute and 40-second mark with a triumphant gulp, he sealed his second-place finish, proving that the Monster Munch Challenge was not for the faint-hearted.

Vijver Jonck’s Nail-Biting Finish: The final minutes of the challenge witnessed a nail-biting finish as Vijver Jonck, in her bid for third place, maneuvered through the remaining bites. With only 1 minute and 19 seconds to spare, she skillfully devoured the last portion of the monstrous burger, aided by a strategic sip of water. Her determination and composure under pressure added a thrilling dimension to the competition.

Adding a touch of personal celebration to the event, Freek Jonck and Vijver Jonck, a husband-and-wife duo, embraced the Monster Munch Challenge as a unique way to mark their 12th wedding anniversary. The shared experience of competing in the challenge added an extra layer of joy and camaraderie to their special day.

The prizes for the Monster Munch Challenge were no small feat. Phillip Sansom walked away with a free meal and an additional R200 cash. Freek Jonck received a Coriandre Gift Pack, and Vijver Jonck was awarded a R100 Veggie Voucher. Vijver wasted no time in spending her winnings on fresh avocados from the impressive Pick-A-Veg collection at Granny Di’s.

Jaco Pieters and his dedicated team at Pick-A-Veg delivered an unforgettable event that not only showcased the excellence of their products but also brought the community together for a day of fun and culinary excitement. With anticipation, we await more of these fantastic events hosted by Jaco and his team, promising a future filled with fresh produce, delightful challenges, and joyful celebrations.

The Winners
1st Prize = Phillip Sansom
2nd Prize = Freek Jonck
3rd Prize = Vijver Jonck
The very last drop
When you have to get it all
Everyone tried their best
Gaviscon to the rescue