A heartfelt congratulations to all the talented photographers who graced the Skål International Photo Contest for 2023 with their exceptional entries! Your skillful lenswork has brilliantly captured the essence of travel and the genuine spirit of Skål moments.

Hats off to the discerning eyes of the Skål International Media & PR team for the arduous task of selecting the top 10 photos, meticulously divided between the evocative categories of Destination Image and Skål International Moment. The competition was undoubtedly fierce, given the abundance of awe-inspiring entries.

A particular nod of appreciation goes to the photographers representing the diverse beauty of South Africa. Out of the 5 Destination Images chosen, a whopping 3 proudly hail from South Africa, showcasing the country’s rich tapestry of landscapes. Furthermore, a gem of a photograph belongs to our very own Skål International Garden Route Club, painting a vivid picture of the local beauty.

And here’s an exciting addition to the triumph—two more of the distinguished winners are from Skål Nelson Mandela Bay! This not only underscores the exceptional talent within South Africa but also solidifies its reputation as a photography haven.

In spotlighting individual excellence, take a moment to immerse yourself in the captivating frame captured by Vijver Jonck’s “King of the Jungle.” This photographic masterpiece transports you deep into the heart of the wild, encapsulating the untamed beauty of nature.

Let’s raise our metaphorical glasses to these visionaries who’ve beautifully showcased the spirit of travel and the heartwarming Skål moments. Your lens has not only frozen moments in time but has also painted a vivid narrative of the world’s wonders. Here’s to the winners, the photographers, and the dreamers who remind us that every picture tells a story, and every story is worth sharing.