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Member Michelle Hammond has over 42 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. Having grown up in England, she is well versed on the European standards of every aspect of Leisure Travel. As the Director of VIP Golf and Accommodation she ensures that clients get the best possible experience when visiting South Africa for a Golfing Experience.
Member Diane Orban’s organizational skills are impeccable. If there is nothing to organize , Diane will go and find something to improve on and run more efficiently. The only time she feels there is no need to better anything is when she is outdoors in nature. More than twenty-five successful years in the tourism industry.
Andries Van Schalkwyk is a multifaceted individual whose achievements span the realms of music, sports, and business. He is the visionary founder of the South Cape Children's Choir, having served as chairman for the first decade. Under his leadership, the choir flourished, participating in international festivals across Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, and England, showcasing their talents on a global stage.
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Gwen's go to words are - I WILL be able to assist. We have to say she is indeed correct when stating that. Life in Sunny South Africa and want to go ski...give Gwen a call!