Andries Van Schalkwyk is a multifaceted individual whose achievements span the realms of music, sports, and business. He is the visionary founder of the South Cape Children's Choir, having served as chairman for the first decade. Under his leadership, the choir flourished, participating in international festivals across Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, and England, showcasing their talents on a global stage.
In addition to his musical contributions, Andries co-founded the George Outeniqua Cheese Festival in 2003 alongside Ronel Lamprecht and Karin Mostert. This festival has become a beloved event, celebrating local produce and bringing the community together at Outeniqua Primary in George. Andries’ athletic prowess is equally impressive. He played cricket for Natal Country Districts for 12 years and for South African Country Districts for 4 years. His cricketing journey included representing the South African Colleges Cricket team during his entire college tenure and playing for the South African Willows team in England and Guernsey Island in 1981. His sports career also extended to rugby, where he played 1st Division Rugby and helped Durban Teachers Training College win the prestigious Peter Taylor Trophy in Natal in 1979. Additionally, he played 1st Division Soccer for Escombe in Durban for five years. Nowadays, Andries channels his extensive experience into working closely with his son, Enslin, at A&E Marketing. This dynamic company aims to provide tour operators and tourists with a diverse array of experiences in Southern Africa. A&E Marketing blends various accommodation options, from resorts and hotels to guesthouses and 5-star luxury travel experiences, offering a comprehensive and enriching travel portfolio. Discover more about their offerings at A&E Marketing. Andries Van Schalkwyk’s diverse background and relentless pursuit of excellence in every field he engages with make him a remarkable individual, continually contributing to the enrichment of his community and beyond.