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Member Elmay Bouwer is a name synonymous with tourism on the Garden Route. Elmay has mastered the art of making every visitor feel like a new friend. So pop on in at Blackwaters River Lodge for the golfing, the food, the kayaking or just for a lekker cup of coffee with Elmay in the garden.
De Vette Mossel specializes in seafood, prepared on open fires in a relaxed beach atmosphere. Reminiscent of the West Coast Culture of South Africa the whole concept is an eating experience, rather than a sitdown meal. Family friendly.
Member Chef Emile Nel is passionate about people and using food in innovative and creative ways to create an environment where the aromas, textures, sights and tastes tell stories of friendship that erase any boundaries separating us. Chef Emile’s delights can be tasted and enjoyed at Bahia Bleu and Chef’s Emporium in Mossel Bay.