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With Stephanie at the helm, Bezoek Nature Reserve is set to receive the recognition it truly deserves. Her dedication and finely honed talents ensure that every corner of this pristine paradise will be showcased to the world. If you're seeking more than Middelburg then how about exploring along the Garden Route, look no further than Stephanie and Go Garden Route for an unforgettable experience.
Member Michelle Hammond has over 42 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. Having grown up in England, she is well versed on the European standards of every aspect of Leisure Travel. As the Director of VIP Golf and Accommodation she ensures that clients get the best possible experience when visiting South Africa for a Golfing Experience.
Member Diane Orban’s organizational skills are impeccable. If there is nothing to organize , Diane will go and find something to improve on and run more efficiently. The only time she feels there is no need to better anything is when she is outdoors in nature. More than twenty-five successful years in the tourism industry.
Member Andries Van Schalkwyk and his son Enslin started A&E Marketing. A&E’s vision is to give more of a variety to Tour Operators and Tourists to experience Southern Africa and all it has to offer Resorts, Hotels, Guesthouses to 5 Star luxury Travel experiences to blend them all in for a real variety of accommodation and experiences
Member Elmay Bouwer is a name synonymous with tourism on the Garden Route. Elmay has mastered the art of making every visitor feel like a new friend. So pop on in at Blackwaters River Lodge for the golfing, the food, the kayaking or just for a lekker cup of coffee with Elmay in the garden.
The Western Cape Butterfly Sanctuary is a unique conservation effort between Ruiterbosch Lodge and Cape Butterfly.
Member Lee-Marque Jansen has a true passion for tourism and has spend years working in the Tsitsikamma Region of the Garden Route promoting this amazing area to everyone. Lee-Marque can most often be found at Storms River Adventures working on the next big event to hit the Tsitsikamma part of the Garden Route
Let Rune help you to discover the wealth of natural beauty, cultural diversity and Luxury Tourism options in Africa.